What is a Real Estate Marketing platform?

A Real estate marketing platform is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution that helps Real Estate professionals and Agents create and manage their property marketing content to distribute across multiple print and digital channels.

Everything in one place

Real estate marketing platforms are SAAS platforms that allow anyone in the real estate industry (brokerages, teams, agents, agencies, and more) to easily create beautiful branded marketing content online using their computer or mobile device.

Real estate professionals use these platforms because they automate most of the campaign management tasks required to list and sell a home. They also offer many additional features such as Marketing Quote generators, team collaboration project management, calendar automation and email marketing.

A real estate marketing platform drives collaboration

The purpose of a real estate marketing platform is to help real estate professionals and their agents efficiently sell properties and convert leads into sales. They allow you to leverage modern technology so that you can drive more traffic from all your online channels, automate lead capture, track conversion rates and measure the ROI of each campaign.

Use a Real Estate Marketing Platform to track progress

Real estate marketing platforms will display all your marketing tasks and progress in a simple and easy to use online system accessible from desktop or mobile.

  • Manage your real estate marketing efforts in one place
  • Create and publish content across multiple channels with ease (including text, photos and videos)
  • Track leads that come from these channels – including where they came from (Google search or Facebook ad), how many people clicked through to your website and if someone contacted you about a property listing.


Real estate marketing platforms are a great way for real estate Agents to create and manage the marketing with ease. They are an essential tool for any office who cares about their marketing.

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