Smash lead generation goals for selling success with Instagram

When you’re a real estate agent, there are so many ways you can use Instagram to find new customers. You can create a following of people who want to buy and sell homes by posting helpful advice and tips. You can also post beautiful photos of the homes that you’ve listed for sale or rent so that potential buyers will want to live in them as well. But here’s a little secret: Instagram isn’t just good for brand building—it can also be used as a tool for lead generation! In this article, we’ll show you can smash lead generation goals for selling success with Instagram.


A contest is a giveaway of some kind. It can involve any number of things, from a prize pack to cash, but it’s usually something that appeals to the interests of your Instagram followers.

For example, if you’re an agent who specializes in homes for sale in New York City, you could run a contest where people submit photos of their favorite NYC neighborhood and the winner gets an Amazon gift card or free drone delivery. Or if you’re selling luxury condos on the beach at Miami Beach, Florida, maybe offer up VIP access to the famous South Beach club LIV as your grand prize?

Contests are great because they’re fun and engaging—but also because they get people interacting with your brand on social media. People tend not only enter contests but share them with their friends and family who might be interested too!

Winning contestants will also be more likely to refer business back when they win.

Live video

Live video is a great way to engage with your audience and build trust. You can use it to answer questions, show off your expertise, or promote listings.

Behind-the-scenes posts

Behind-the-scenes photos are a great way to show the process of buying or selling a home, and they can be helpful for showing your expertise.

A few examples of behind-the-scenes images might include:

  • Buying or selling a house is exciting—but it’s also stressful! If you can help reduce that stress with your post, even just a little bit, that could make all the difference in whether someone chooses to work with you or not.
  • Along those same lines, if you can demonstrate how knowledgeable and experienced you are without being too stuffy about it (and without making anyone feel like they have no chance), then people will see that as an added benefit of working with you. It shows them that there won’t be any surprises later down the line when it comes time for them to move into their new home—they know exactly what kind of experience they’re going to get from working with someone who knows what she’s doing!

Customer appreciation posts

While you may have a large following, it’s important to make sure that the people you are posting for are engaged with your content. If your followers are not commenting on or liking your posts, then they probably aren’t interested in seeing more of what you have to say. It can be helpful to look at the comments on past posts and see which ones were liked and commented on most often. This will give you some insight into what types of content resonate best with your audience, as well as help guide future decisions about what kind of content to post regularly.

You can also ask friends or family members how they feel about certain types of posts that appear frequently in their feed (e.g., “Which type of photo do you find most attractive? Which one attracts your attention first?”).

Collaborations with local businesses

Local businesses can be a great source of leads. A real estate agent can partner with local businesses to build relationships, create content and increase visibility in the community.

  • Make sure you know your audience
  • You should have an idea of what your target audience is

When you collaborate with local businesses, make sure it’s something that resonates with your followers on Instagram. For example, if you’re doing a collaboration with a restaurant or food truck who serves tacos and burritos, it’s important for the person following to be interested in eating tacos and burritos because they will see posts about them from both accounts (your account and theirs).

  • You need to make sure that what you’re doing fits into their strategy as well
  • It’s important for both parties involved in this process because if one party is not happy about how things work out then there won’t be any benefits at all so everyone needs to be happy before moving forward

After action reports

  • Use #afteractionreport. You may think that this hashtag is only relevant to real estate agents and brokers, but it can be used by anyone who wants to share their personal experiences with a product or service, no matter what that product or service is.
  • Create a post that’s unique and interesting. Don’t just post photos of houses; add text, too! It’s important for potential leads to know why they should choose you as their agent over all the other agents out there. Include places where they can find information on your website (social media links), real estate courses you teach and services you offer in addition to buying and selling homes (such as title insurance).
  • Don’t forget the hashtag! Adding “#afteractionreport” at the end of your Instagram post will help ensure people see it when searching for content related to this topic; plus, it makes it easier for people who want more information about how an agent/broker does business after closing escrow (or whatever situation was described in their social media update) find someone who can help them out with those same issues going forward.

Instagram can be a great place to find new leads and customers.

Instagram is a visual platform that allows users to connect with one another and share their interests. It’s also a social media platform that has quickly gained traction among young people, making it an attractive place for real estate agents to reach new leads and customers. If you’re looking for ways to get more followers on Instagram, here are some tips:

  • Post consistently—posting regularly helps build credibility with followers and encourages them to come back frequently. You should post at least once every day or two if possible—but don’t worry if you can’t post as often as this!
  • Include personal details—this makes your account more relatable and engaging for potential clients.
  • Use hashtags—it’s important to use relevant hashtags so people who aren’t following you yet can easily find your posts! The right hashtag will help attract potential clients who are looking specifically for properties like yours (and avoid attracting those who aren’t).


We hope this post has helped you understand how to get real estate leads on Instagram. If you’re not using Instagram for your real estate business, now is the time! We know that it can be intimidating at first, but we promise that once you get started with a few simple tactics like contests and live video, it will be easy to keep up with as your following grows.

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