Property journey for Real Estate marketing – everything you need to know

The property journey is a framework for marketing your home to potential buyers. It focuses on the various stages of the process, from acquisition to sales, and helps you tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. But what does this mean and what does a property journey look like?

What is a Real Estate marketing property journey?

Each Real Estate listing will follow a similar path through your agency. This is known as the property journey. Therefore understanding the steps on the journey and the sequence in which they occur is critical to successfully list and sell property.

Where does the property journey start?

Although the real estate sales and listing process should be cyclical, the property journey starts after the lead generation and appraisal stage. This usually takes the form of entering into formal agreements.


There are two key legal agreements that are formally completed to begin the property journey.

  1. An Agency Agreement is a contract between a Real Estate Agent and a vendor (the owner) to list and sell the property
  2. A marketing schedule or marketing quote which breaks down the financial marketing contribution to list and sell the property

Ibenta’s Connect and Quote Builder automate both these tasks with easy to use interfaces that generate branded emails or quotes in seconds.

Task Management

If a vendor signs an agency agreement, it will trigger all the pre-listing tasks required to get the property ready for market. It’s important at this stage to engage your task management solution for the listing to make sure nothing is forgotten or delayed.

A good task management solution will give you the ability to set your own task template for your listings with custom statuses, labels and team collaboration tools.


This is where the bulk of the work takes place, unnoticed by buyers. From preparing the property for photography, to creating all the marketing collateral, the pre-list stage has the tightest deadlines and the greatest chance that mistakes will derail the sale.

It’s important that your entire team can collaborate on your pre-listing tasks, so choose a marketing platform that has built in collaboration tools.

You’ll also need to be creating professional designs for print and web. Ibenta’s Artwork is the best in class online design platform that generates beautiful real estate specific marketing in mere seconds.


Listing a property is where the sale goes public. Most of the vendor’s tasks are now complete and it’s time to leverage the marketing to sell the property.

Open Homes remain the number one driver for buyer engagement. Using a mobile first solution like ibenta’s Open Home allows you to automate the process of collecting attendee data and engaging post-event.

Couple this with a physical reminder of the property like a high quality flyer, and you’ll have an army of potential buyers imagining themselves in your listing.

Closing & reconciliation

The final step of the property journey is about administration. Therefore it is essential that the Task Management process is being followed to ensure a smooth transaction.

It’s important to utilize a property marketing platform that facilitates both marketing tasks but also financial tasks. Reconciliation of marketing spend is critical for a successful settlement to ensure that no agent is left with unaccounted orders.

Ibenta’s Marketplace and Purchase Orders streamline this process with your CRM system by enabling marketing spend to be reconciled by your accounts team.

And then?

Although the property journey may be over, the customer journey is cyclical. Make sure you continue to engage with your previous vendors and buyers with valued insightful content via email and social media to drive future lead generation.

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