Introducing ibenta’s seamless Agentbox integration: revolutionizing property marketing in Australia

We are thrilled to announce that Ibenta, the leading property marketing platform, is now fully integrated with Agentbox, the biggest real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in Australia. The Agentbox integration brings together the best-in-class technology, speed, and value, making property marketing more efficient and cost-effective for Agentbox users.

Agentbox integration with Ibenta: A Simple and Streamlined Process

To connect your Agentbox account with Ibenta, all you need is your Agentbox Client ID, Member ID, and API Key. Follow these easy steps to set up the integration:

  1. Log in to your Ibenta account
  2. Click ‘Sync’ from your Properties screen
  3. Choose Agentbox as your preferred CRM
  4. Enter your Agentbox Client ID, Member ID, and API Key
  5. Click on ‘Save’ to complete the integration

And that’s it! Your Agentbox account is now connected with Ibenta, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both platforms seamlessly.

Sync Your Properties with Just One Click

Once your Agentbox account is connected with Ibenta, you can easily sync your properties between the two platforms.

Simply click on the ‘Sync’ button in Ibenta, and your properties will quickly drop into Ibenta from Agentbox. This real-time process eliminates wait times, giving you immediate access to your listings in ibenta.

Unbeatable Value with Ibenta’s Low Monthly Subscription

Ibenta’s integration with Agentbox provides exceptional value compared to other property marketing platforms. With a low monthly subscription cost of just $24.99, Ibenta offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools that are both powerful and affordable. Agentbox users can now enjoy the benefits of Ibenta’s cutting-edge technology, speed, and value, all for a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

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