How are Realtors using mobile technology?

As a real estate agent, you’re not just getting paid to find clients—you’re getting paid to help them buy or sell their home. You have one goal: make your client’s experience as easy and smooth as possible. That means making sure you’re organized, efficient and on top of all aspects of your job—from answering phone calls to finding listings. So how are Realtors using mobile technology to enhance their client experience?

Data from the National Association of Realtors states that 86% of homebuyers who used a realtor in 2016 found their agents online.

Data from the National Association of Realtors states that 86% of homebuyers who used a realtor in 2016 found their agents online. This is important because realtors have been using mobile technology to help better serve clients. Real estate agents are finding ways to use short-form video content on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Realtors using mobile technology, like apps and websites, better serve their clients, coordinate with colleagues to further their careers

Mobile technology, such as apps and mobile websites, is making it easier for realtors to be more productive, build and nurture relationships and stay organized. Agents can use mobile technology to work on the go. They can also use it to coordinate with colleagues to better serve their clients; this includes setting appointments or client meetings using voice commands.

Mobile technology allows realtors to:

  • Be more productive. Being able to do your job while you’re away from the office is a huge advantage, especially when you can work on multiple tasks at once and get more done in less time.
  • Build and nurture relationships through communication technology, like text messaging or video conferencing apps.
  • Stay organized by keeping track of client information with the help of Mobile CRM tools like Salesforce or Zoho.
  • Work from anywhere using mobile apps—even if it means sitting on a beach!

Be more productive.

Mobile technology allows real estate agents to be more productive in the field. Now, you can do more with your time, which means you’ll be able to make more sales and get more calls. A few examples of how mobile technology increases productivity include:

  • Using a mobile CRM system like Salesforce or Pipedrive to stay organized when out of the office and add information about clients and prospects into your database
  • Be available on Social Media so clients have an easy way to contact you without having to wait for a phone call
  • Recording videos of listings and posting them online immediately so potential buyers see what they’re getting into before they even start looking at homes in person

Build and nurture relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

As a Realtor, you’re always on the go. Email is one of the best ways to communicate with clients in a timely manner. Email has also become a popular way for agents to connect with colleagues and other industry professionals.

One way that you can use email for business is by creating an auto-responder sequence: A series of emails that are automatically sent based on various triggers. For example, if someone submits their information via your website’s contact form or comes into your office for an appointment, this triggers another email from you thanking them and asking if they would like any additional information about the home buying process or need further assistance from an agent at another firm. This method keeps your brand top-of-mind while providing helpful content like tips and resources related to buying homes (and potentially leads!).

Additionally, video conferencing technology allows agents who work remotely—or multiple offices within one company—to conduct meetings face-to-face without having everyone travel halfway across town each time something needs discussing! Your colleague’s face may not be there but their voice will certainly be heard thanks these technological advances making collaborating easier than ever before possible (especially when dealing with clients). If there is any doubt left about how important this type of technology really is consider just how prevalent cell phones have become: They allow people access anywhere 24/7 regardless whether they’re sitting down somewhere indoors doing work/researching something while simultaneously outdoors doing activities like walking around town visiting friends/family members’ homes where might otherwise not have been able

Stay organized throughout the day.

Using a mobile device in conjunction with your desktop or laptop will allow you to stay organized throughout the day. You’ll always have access to important documents and files, as well as photos and other information that can be accessed anywhere at any time. If you’re out of the office, this ability is especially helpful for real estate agents who must show homes after hours or on weekends. It also allows real estate agents to collaborate with colleagues more easily by sharing and reviewing documents right away instead of waiting until they’re back at the office.

Work on the go.

Realtors who are working for themselves or for a company that uses mobile technology have the ability to work from anywhere. This is especially important for realtors who travel frequently and need to update their clients with the latest information on properties. They can also connect with colleagues, access important documents, and view listings and photos from anywhere.

The ability to work from anywhere means that realtors don’t need physical office space or equipment such as computers and printers in order to do business effectively. This saves money for both realtors who want to invest in other areas of their business as well as companies that offer this option; it’s less expensive than renting an office space!

Mobile technology tools can help an agent better serve their clients, spend less time on administrative tasks and make more sales.

Mobile technology tools can help an agent better serve their clients, spend less time on administrative tasks and make more sales. Agents who leverage mobile technology will be able to use their time more effectively, making them more profitable and successful in the long run.

Mobile technology facilitates communication between agents, colleagues and clients alike; it also helps agents stay organized throughout the day. The right mobile app can provide a wealth of information regarding properties for sale and help you find new leads with just a few taps on your phone screen.


If you’re an agent and don’t have a mobile technology tool in place, it might be time to consider one. The benefits of using a realtor app or website are numerous and can help you be more productive and serve your clients better.

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