Everything you need to know about Social media audiences for property marketing

Real estate is a marketing business, and social media is the best way to market properties. To do that effectively, you need an audience to reach out to. You can create these audiences for property marketing yourself, or use some of the tools provided by the platforms you choose to advertise with.

What are audiences for property marketing?

Audiences are groups of people who have similar interests. They’re used to target specific groups of people, and can be used for social media marketing.

For example, if you’re an agent selling houses in a new development in the suburbs, then an audience could be “people who live within 20km of the area I’m targeting” or “people aged 25-35 who earn $100k+”

How to create an audience on Facebook.

  • Create a custom audience. This is the most basic form of targeting, and it allows you to target users who are similar in some way (e.g., “people who like my page”).
  • Create an audience from your website. If you have an online store or blog where people can leave their email addresses in exchange for updates about new products or posts, then creating an audience based on those email addresses is simple and effective–you’ll have access to exactly who you want without having to manually enter them into Facebook’s system yourself!
  • Create an audience from your business page/ad account: If there are certain segments of people that engage with specific posts on either your personal timeline or one associated with the company’s Facebook page (e.g., ads), then this option enables agents/brokers/realtors etc…to easily access those individuals again without having them re-enter their information each time they want something updated!

How to create an audience on Instagram

  • To create a custom audience on Instagram, you’ll need to first create an Instagram account and then create a business page
  • Once you’ve done that, head over to the Facebook ads manager and click on “Audiences” under the Create Columns section at the top of your screen. From here select “Create Audience” from the drop-down menu
  • Next enter in what type of audience you want to build: Location, Age Range & Gender or Interests & Behaviors
  • Then select “Custom Audience From Website Traffic” as your method of building out this list by clicking on it once more before hitting next
  • You’ll now be able to choose what website(s) or blog(s) will provide data for this new audience segmentation

How to create an audience on Twitter

Creating an audience on Twitter is a simple process. You simply need to follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Audiences’ in the main menu bar of your dashboard, then click ‘Create Audience’.
  • Select what type of audience you want to create – for example, if you want to target people who live in London or have visited your website before, choose Location or Website Visitors respectively.
  • If this is the first time that you’re creating an audience based on location or website visitors then select ‘New Custom Audience’.
  • You can then set up who this customized group consists of by entering their email addresses (if they’re already registered with Twitter) or using their phone numbers (if they aren’t)

You can use social media audiences for property marketing to help grow your real estate business!

Social media audiences are groups of people who have shown interest in your brand, its products and services. Using these audiences can help you grow your real estate business by targeting specific groups of people on social media.

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