Do you really need a Realtor?

Apart from property listings, Realtors themselves are also being advertised heavily across social media and in the local area. Selecting an Agent to work with can seem to be almost or equally a big deal as actually choosing a property to buy. But the question is, how much research is required to find the right person and do you really need a Realtor when purchasing property? 

The short answer is that it depends! Purchasing a property can be a challenging and time consuming undertaking. But the process can be simplified and expedited for those who prefer to go around these tasks by themselves and with professional intervention.

If you feel confident in your local area knowledge and discovering properties on the market through your own searching and research, then you do not need to hire an agent. However, before you move forward with this undertaking, see to it that the area the property is located in does not have laws and policies that forbid property acquisition without licensed professionals. 

However, if you’re not a local and are unable to dedicate the time and effort to becoming an informed buyer, then buying through a Realtor or Buyer’s Agent is going to be the most productive choice. Their job entails them to be expert negotiators as well as savvy when it comes to market trends and the valuations of properties and locations. Be sure that you take your time in selecting the right agent for you by scrupulously reading reviews, as the value of their service to you will depend on their demonstrated history of getting results. 

If you prefer extra assistance and convenience in handling the tedious and major requirements in real estate, do get yourself an agent. Processing legal documents, creating and revising contracts as well as counter offers, contingencies and scheduling inspections can be highly overwhelming especially if it’s your first time buying a property. With that, reach out to a reputable agency and select someone specialising in your area of choice for a more smooth sailing journey to your new home.

At the end of the day, all of your decisions regarding real estate are based on your needs, goals, budget and level of trust in having another person come between you and the seller. Make sure that you are able to gauge everything about your personal profile and the property you intend to purchase before making any decision, whether it would be actually buying already or employing the services of a real estate professional.

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