Create real estate flyers using online design

Real Estate Flyers remain an important part of the residential sales process, even in the age of digital marketing. Visitors to open homes are more likely to connect with your listing if they retain a physical reminder of the property. So how do you create real estate flyers using online design?

You’ve probably seen some flashy multi page fold out flyers that look like they’ve come directly from a creative design agency. Or unfortunately you’ve seen very amateur off brand attempts that look like they’ve come straight from Microsoft Word.

Online Design provides a cost effective middle ground to create consistent high quality branded property marketing flyers without breaking the bank. Using a web browser, you can upload your property photos and text into specialised websites to create print ready PDFs.

Canva real estate flyers

If you’re interested in exercising your creative flair and don’t mind mixing it up for each property, Canva is an easy to use tool to create marketing flyers from your desktop. This worldwide design tool will provide you with hundreds of designs for you to customize which can then be exported for print.

Ibenta artwork real estate flyers

For those looking for a more consistent approach across all properties but enjoy Canva’s easy design interface, ibenta’s Artwork provides real estate specific flyers with multiple layouts in your branding, with integrated property marketing campaigns so all your photos and floorplans are easily dropped into your designs. Artwork allows you to type directly into your flyer design, drag and drop photos as well as create banners, text boxes or add more photos. Because ibenta auto-saves your work, you can resume designing whenever you like.

Once your design is complete, ibenta automates the process of exporting your flyer as a PDF and sending it to print, or saving it locally to your device. Best of all, your designs are always saved under your property marketing campaigns.


Many printers also provide their own online design solution to create your marketing flyers, which are then professionally printed. However these options usually have clunky old technology and rarely offer digital or social media marketing like Canva or Ibenta.

With so many great options available, you can save money while producing high quality property marketing flyers in mere seconds.

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