A Result of the Pandemic: Real Estate Workflow Automation

The pandemic has completely transformed the structures and processes of businesses worldwide. A prime outcome of this is the automation of existing processes, which in turn re-calibrates the systems in place that comprise each industry’s set of priorities. More than logistical and administrative aspects, specific new factors such as new AI-led technology; global work-anywhere opportunities as well as enhancing a new competitive edge will be brought to light. In this article, we examine how the pandemic influenced real estate workflow automation.

Significant effect on the growth of DPA

The recent years have paved the way for the flourishing of process automation tools such Digital Process Automation (DPA). But to be effective in real estate marketing, these tools will have to provide value to users through increased efficiency or accuracy. Ibenta’s task management gives you the ability to automate your selling tasks for every campaign, with the ability to assign tasks to your team, set deadlines, reminders and update status on the road.

Increase of onsite automation

As the risk of meeting in person increased, so did the prominence of on-site automation. Key-lock boxes are a thing of the past now with connected devices such as doorbells with integrated door locks that can control access to a property online.

Workflow automation for companies from the Fortune 500 

Teams who excel at utilizing automation programs, are more than likely to beat their competitors. For enterprises to achieve this, they must establish a culture of embracing change and automation. This will be their framework that will be used to build and manage a team of hybrid workers in person and remotely. This will then pave the way for even more AI-based and traditional automation components – and all these will be backed by a proactive program for innovation.

While these are still merely implications, if there’s anything that the pandemic taught us, it is that you can never be too prepared. One thing they can do to maximize these ‘uncertain times’ of the pandemic, is to integrate workflow automation. This way, loopholes in the business that were previously passed on can now be addressed. Moreover, these new systems in place can make for a root source of contingency plans in the near future.

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