6 Real Estate New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions can energize you and drive productivity. Take advantage of this internal drive with our top 6 resolutions for Real Estate professionals.

Reprioritize to become more productive

With another complex and difficult year in the rear mirror, now is the time to review your priorities and refocus on what is most important to you. By utilizing the 4 D’s of time management, Do, Delay, Delegate, Drop, you can ensure that your limited time is managed more effectively which will increase your productivity and general wellbeing.

To implement, review your To Do list at the beginning of the day and assign them to one of the four buckets above. With practice and diligence, you will find yourself handling all tasks using the 4 D method as they come across your desk, empowering you to avoid distractions and only focusing on tasks that add value.

Invest in your marketing strategy

Have you set specific goals for your marketing strategy this year? It is important to decide your marketing priorities for the next 12 months and whether you are going to promote yourself, your agency or a combination?

To begin, carefully identify your messaging for the year, while ensuring it remains consistent with previous marketing messaging. If your new strategy is too inconsistent, it will detract from your personal brand and reduce engagement with your audiences.

With your brand messaging in mind, identify what you are setting out to achieve in 2022. Make sure your goals are specific, if a specific sales volume is your goal, consider the demographic of your vendors and how you expect to find leads. 

Knowing your target audience will guide your marketing plan. Where do they view content, are they digital, do they consume print media? Do they live in the local area and read letterbox drops? Keep this in mind when allocating your marketing budget and spend.

Then create a marketing plan using a calendar, setting dates will guide your deadlines for creative work, scheduling of digital advertising and physical distribution.

Invest in yourself to stand out

How can you gain a competitive edge in the market? Invest in yourself by upskilling to stand out. From short courses in Negotiation, Sales and Marketing, to upgrading your professional accreditation, there are many opportunities available to eager agents looking to upskill. 

Given the strength of the current market, now might be the time to start thinking about branching out to your own business. If so, pursuing a business degree or equivalent courses might be the foundation for your growth.

Get on board with prop tech

With restrictions placed on our communities in the last two years, the industry has been forced to adapt virtual tours, online auctions and virtual communication. 

Has your back office kept pace with the rate of innovation in the prop tech industry? Are you relying on outdated methods and processes to manage your properties, vendors and buyers? Now is the time to identify where your operations are inefficient and begin adopting modern technology to streamline your workflows to enable you to focus on selling.

Invest in the local community

If you have not yet become involved in your local community, find a cause in your local area that you can help support. If you consider your target market, volunteering where they are present will keep you front of mind, expanding your potential opportunities for new leads.

Active pursuits such as team sports, cycling, coaching or otherwise supporting local teams can be mutually beneficial to increase your activity levels and general health while networking.

Polish your online presence

Allocate a small amount of time to search for yourself online, do you like what you see? Expand your search online for Real Estate in your area, do you appear in the results? If not, consider engaging an online marketing specialist to implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you and your brand. Research shows that the majority of people only click on one of the first three results of an online search, if you’re on page two of results, you’re invisible.

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