6 Real Estate Advertising Tips to Boost Sales This Year

If there’s anything that the past few years has taught us, it is that seamlessly adapting to the ever changing times is a key strategy to keep going. Here’s 6 Real Estate advertising tips to boost sales this year to thrive to the best of your abilities! 

1. Strengthen your presence among your clients

Letting your customers know that you are there to assist all of the time is one of the ways you build trust and audience attention. This increases brand awareness, letting your business be the first thing to be on their mind whenever they have inquiries or concerns. Do this by implementing email and SMS marketing, as well as consistently updating your website.

2. Offers branded giveaways

Everybody loves their own share of freebies. So maximise that general consensus by providing branded giveaways. Make sure that you do these with intention, and announce such too. Whether it would be through celebrating business milestones, promoting something new or simply expressing your gratitude to your audiences, giveaways are one of the best ways to keep your clients interested, and pleased in the long run.

3. Send out messages for important events

Distributing messages for each and every important occasion is also a great way to build brand awareness among your customers. Make sure these messages are clear, concise and personal so your audiences actually pay attention and take interest in it.

4. Integrate charitable causes

Partner with charitable organisations wherein a portion of your commission will go to from every sale. You and your customers are not only able to extend a helping hand to those in need, but you let your brand be established even further.

5. Consistently update your listings

Make your website listings are always updated regardless of holidays, because you can never actually predict when customers are keen to look for properties. 

6. Ask for and publish testimonials

Make it a point to constantly seek out feedback from your customers so truly know how you are performing. No news is good news but it’s better to go ahead and generate reviews to be sure. 

This in turn hones you to be a well-rounded professional who actively seeks out, properly accepts, and applies feedback into their work. This even helps you build your reputation among clients as a person that they can be open to each time. Another thing about this that helps build client trust and confidence is making these testimonials available for other people to see, as this adds further credibility to your business. 

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