5 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips For 2022

Although there has been a return to in person events, buyers have adapted digital savvy behaviors over the last two years. Therefore there is a higher expectation for Realtors to communicate effectively over social media. Here are 5 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips For 2022 to generate leads and win listings.

1. Tiktok

Once the domain of pure entertainment, Tiktok has emerged as a credible threat to existing social media networks. Importantly for Realtors in 2022, TikTok’s algorithm will serve content to users based on their interests, not their existing network. This key difference provides a significant opportunity for marketing properties and securing leads.

2. Dedicated social media management

Social Media marketing has become a staple in property marketing. Gone are the days of getting a junior to put some posts online whenever they have a spare moment. Expect to see office marketing teams to recruit full time dedicated social media marketers in 2022.

3. Influencers as a strategy

The much maligned influencer will begin to mature as a strategy in 2022 as those who have amassed significant social media followings look to establish the value they offer. Online personalities who offer valuable content to their followers will in turn be able to generate value for the businesses they promote. 

4. Storytelling

As content creation continues to dominate the property marketing industry, Realtors will move to a storytelling style that drives buyer emotions. Through social media posts, photography and video, property marketing will help people visualise their lifestyle in the property and local area.

5. Declining attention spans

With the incredible volume of content being delivered to everyone on a daily basis, successful property marketing will need to capture attention quickly. In 2022 the hero shot of the property will lead the video content as Realtors look to capture and hold attention as buyers scroll through their social media feeds. Entire property marketing videos will need to be condensed into 5-10 second bursts for the most effective impact.

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