4 Ways to Massively Elevate Real Estate Mobile Marketing

80% of today’s homebuyers have now transitioned to online portals to look for new properties, it is more than imperative to also adapt to real estate mobile marketing. Today’s generations are going to be the top customers in future years, so realtors must consistently be on top of the present day innovations. Doing so will help reduce existing issues like customer churn and low conversion rates, and further maximise efficiency in the long run.

Apart from simply curbing technical issues, mobile marketing offers excellent advantages that assist in transforming the industry for the better. It increases brand awareness and maintains a high level of ROI or return of investment while decreasing further costs. Mobile marketing also yields steady KPIs or key performance indicators as well as reinforce neighbourhood and market research for boosted targeting and specialised services.

Get up to speed with modern innovations to make that sale!

1. Streamline lead generation through real estate mobile marketing

Generating leads is one of the most vital parts of your business. However, getting an active source that sustainability provides these leads remains to be an issue for many realtors.  There are mobile friendly CRMs that are dedicated to managing databases, but actually acquiring the data has been proven to be a challenge by itself. 

Therefore, leverage technologies perfect for smartphones such as QR codes and NFC tags which are convenient to use, so you can begin to convert leads into buyers. Additional tech like beacons and geofences not only generate leads, but also send you in app notifications relevant to real estate.

2. Make all the information extra accessible

From the previous tip, use QR codes that serve as direct links to all the property’s information you posted online. This should lead to the listing, and you can even add in Youtube videos of the property as well as your website. Have these QR codes be included in your flyers, brochures, yard signs and/or sidewalk ads for the ease of access of your prospective clients. You can also set up a geofences function to help you target potential customers in a location you are working in.

3. Use real estate mobile marketing to elevate your social media presence

Simply posting content on social media is not enough. Calculated marketing strategies are needed in order to truly increase engagement with your target market, and then translate all this traffic into leads. Invest in a social media management tool or course to maximise the potential these platforms have. Liven up your social media page by creating a variety of content like photos, success stories, videos, and company achievements.

With the rise of social media marketing, it has become a conducive space for many businesses with features that give you a clear picture of how online audiences interact with your brand’s page. More than simply widening your reach, many social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram showcase specific metrics of the performance of your content, as well as the behaviour of your target audience.

Like with the aforementioned tip, use QR codes that provide links to your online content – and that includes your social media pages. 

4. Don’t forget the good old Text Message! 

Text messaging may not be as relatively fresh or innovative as social media and its functions, but there’s a reason why it’s still widely used by many businesses today. It’s affordable, less complicated and convenient to use. The overall simplicity of Text Messaging is what differentiates from other tools, paving the way for a more open and efficient communication flow. 

Text marketing also consists of different kinds you can choose from, depending on your branding, intention or just your preference. These are the keyword texts, bulk campaigns, auto replies as well as scheduled alerts and reminders. Together with these, you can even use QR codes, geofences and beacons to increase the chances of actually reaching your target customers getting one step closer to your sale.

Text Messaging calls for brevity in its content so make sure you provide all the basic details in a concise way – to see to it that potential customers are kept informed and curious at the same time. Real estate texts should include pertinent info like the property’s address, size, price and Google maps link, as well as your contact details and link to your webpage.

To achieve productivity in Text marketing, your messages should possess just the right balance between professionalism and friendliness. Remember, the goal here is to earn the prospective client’s trust. You should be able to have a personalised, one on one conversation with them. Utilising  Keywords, limited time offers and calls to action are also great ways to catch their attention. You can even schedule the sending of personalised reminders as well as bulk Texts to increase their awareness of you and the property. 


From virtual tours, social media advertisements, text and email campaigns, mobile marketing offers a wide spectrum of ways to promote your business with its platform. Other than that, sales and acquisition rates as well as metrics of your listings are made available right at the palm of your hands. The absolute convenience and accessibility it promises are quite unrivalled, so it’s easily one of the best tools realtors should take advantage of to make a mark in this business.

Smartphones evolve each and every day, breeding innovations that we access and benefit from in just click or touch. They’re probably not going to be rendered obsolete soon so the best thing to do is embrace it and get up to speed with its functions. 

On a general note, keeping up with technological advancements seems to be a never ending process but the rewards of tremendous growth and customer acquisition make it worthwhile.

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