4 tips to market luxury homes and unusual properties

While high end properties yield fantastic rewards, the journey of making that sale is not without its own set of challenges. Such include factors that can neither be completely predicted nor controlled. An example would be the ever changing economy and market trends of the area of your property. Here are 4 tips to market luxury homes and unusual properties.

Go for unconventional ways to market your equally unconventional property. Because unique homes call for unique marketing strategies!

1. Create and give out well made brochures

To further supplement that online listing you should already have, make sure you also have a beautiful brochure of the property you are selling. This gives buyers a physical reminder that can help drive a sense of attachment to the property.

Ensure your brochures are professionally printed on heavy weight paper, all with clear images and easy to read layout. Take advantage of Ibenta’s user friendly and industry leading online design tool to create your design that maximises impact without requiring any design experience.

Distribute these to people who live within the neighbourhood of the home you’re selling. Those who live within these high end communities are most likely to prefer the people they know over strangers to be their neighbours, so they’re the perfect set of referrals to market to.

2. Make a website to market luxury homes

The property you’re selling is, after all, a luxurious abode; so dedicating an entire website for it would be just right. This is where you are given the chance to expound on the home’s important details including photos, square footage, neighbourhood facilities and further contact information.

To maximise your online presence, promote your website across the vast world of social media. You can even kick start a text marketing campaign that links back to your website, as well as an email blast that you can send to your existing contacts, family and friends plus former clients!

3. Market luxury homes through auction selling

Through auctions, you’re going to be able to find your target market and sell to them directly. This type of selling also tends to generate a sense of urgency and competition amongst prospective buyers, making the probability of the sale as high as possible.

Auctions also greatly minimises tedious tasks and processes, as it puts the transaction on the terms of the seller.

4. Elevate the staging process

Home staging has always been a normalised practice in real estate marketing, but evidently, high end homes call for high end staging design. See to it to have your target market in mind as you set up the home. Ensure that all pieces are up to date and well designed. A small investment in property staging will make a property come alive to open home attendees. The key here is to accurately capture the kind of lifestyle this property can deliver, and the clients will enjoy.

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