3 Must-Follow Tips for outstanding Real Estate advertising via Social Media

Social media brings in a ton of advantages perfect for a large range of industries, including real estate. With its wide reach and captive audience, realtors are provided plenty of opportunities to take their businesses to the next level. So here are 3 Must-Follow Tips for outstanding Real Estate advertising via Social Media.

1. Know your Social Media platform

Each social network is designed to be a platform of their very own – all with their unique design and purpose. So it’s important that you know each and every one of these in order to maximise how you market your business. 

For starters, you can use Facebook to create a professional profile for your business. Establish your business page and gain easy access to functional tools like page analytics and promotional features. While you’re at it utilise photos and videos as these are the top most engaging formats in the platform. As a virtual page first and foremost, Instagram lets you tell a story through the use of images – so see to it that your photos are compelling enough for your audiences. Captions are very much encouraged but be sure to be concise and comprehensive, as Instagram users do not go to the app for think piece-esque captions. If you’re seeking to market through building meaningful networks with fellow professionals in  the industry, LinkedIn is the place to be. Create pages for yourself and for your business to connect with real estate brokerages, property managers and even current clients! 

2. Engage with your audience

Instead of simply bombarding your prospective clients with an endless series of promotional posts, actually build bridges with them by initiating two-way conversations. Do this in order to build your reputation and trustworthiness among customers, and to not overwhelm with so much information that you turn them away. Whether it would be hosting a Q&A session via social media pages or doing quick check-ins via live streaming, the virtual world is yours to create bonds with your clients. 

3. Make your advertising content compelling

The real estate industry lets you work with many people from all walks of life and get to know their unique life stories, so it’s all the more important to let this ‘human’ side of your business be manifested in your online presence. For example, you can talk about the fantastic atmosphere a certain neighbourhood provides. You can also ask your satisfied customers to share their testimonials if they want to, as this type of content gives you an additional boost to client trust. Business milestones also make for appealing posts as these paint a positive image for your profile and your brand, thereby increasing client interest and attention. 

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