21 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips From Top Agents

82% of Realtors think they could improve their online presence. Here’s 21 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips From Top Agents

1. Use creative location tags on instagram

If you’re posting your listings on instagram, your location is likely to be your home. Instead, try choosing more interesting location tags for your posts that will drive engagement, like a local cafe or landmark.

2. Bring in the experts

Effective social media marketing relies on two pillars, consistency and uniqueness. If this is a headache, consider engaging a social media marketing company like Pink Door Social Agent. They’ll do all the hard work for you for a monthly subscription fee which will drive engagement.

3. Ask questions

Realtors are familiar with a call-to-action (CTA) but what about taking it a step further. Engage with your audience on social media by asking a question. If your listing has multiple photos, ask them which is the best shot. If the property doesn’t have many redeeming physical aspects, ask your audience what improvements they’d make.

4. Understand how to create great headings

To successfully engage with your audience on social media, keep your headings under 60 characters, use alliteration, create a sense of urgency and use numbers or facts and figures where possible.

5. Invest in your brand

Make sure your social media efforts are strongly backed by a high quality professional logo that appears consistently in your content. Support this with an up to date professional headshot that reveals part of your personality.

6. Variety is important

Have a look at your social media accounts, are they filled with listing after listing photo? Consider introducing variety into your posts, with real estate adjacent content and the occasional unrelated images and videos.

7. Timing is everything

What’s the point of posting if no one ever sees it? Learn the best times of the day to post, or to use a post scheduler. Facebook and Twitter do better in the mornings during the week, Linkedin posts get more engagement during the day and the afternoon, while Instagram posts before 6pm seven days a week get the most traction.

8. Balance your posts

Using the E.A.T. acronym, you can create a stream of posts that will deliver results. Engagement involves replying to comments, following up with questions and interacting with your audience. Authenticity will build an audience if you show the less polished side of the job such as moving furniture while staging an open home or interacting with an owner’s dog during an appraisal. Finally, Thought Leadership demonstrates your knowledge and strength in the local real estate market, which builds trust with your audience.

9. Spend a little to get a lot

Ensure that you’re investing a small amount of your marketing budget into solutions that help automate and improve your social media marketing. For a small monthly cost, your posts can be automated with lots of interesting and engaging content.

10. Video content dominates

Youtube remains one of the most dominant content sharing and marketing platforms available to Realtors. Ensure you’re regularly posting video content on youtube as part of your marketing strategy.

11. Measure and improve

A common management belief is that “what gets measured gets improved”. If you’re working hard on your social media marketing, then take advantage of the in-built analytics offered by all major platforms to determine what is working, and what isn’t.

12. Be local

Make sure to document local events in your area, both ahead of time and during your attendance. Engage with others in your area to cross post and drive audiences to your posts.

13. Grab attention with mini facts

Don’t bore your audience with huge charts of numbers or difficult to read graphs. Instead, find an interesting and engaging fact about your local market and share that in a small mini-fact style post.

14. Show your personality

Be prepared to consistently post about your personal side along with your regular listing content. Perhaps you can take a selfie with your local cafe owner and give their business a shout out, or get a colleague to capture you between properties enjoying a break.

15. Humor engages well

If you dream of going viral, humor is your best bet, but be careful. Instead of sharing funny videos or gifs, try to share your own funny experiences in professional life. That way you’ll avoid controversial topics while engaging strongly with your audience.

16. Boost your posts

If there’s a post that has a lot of potential, experiment with boosting it to reach a bigger audience. Done well, boosted posts are a low cost method to engage with more people which will deliver more listings.

17. Polish your video presence

Do you have lots of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ in your videos? Like it or not, improvising is a skill and unless you actively develop it, you’ll struggle on camera. Start by writing a rough script and practicing it, your performance will see a dramatic improvement.

18. Let people get to know you

Part of your content should engage your audience on a personal level so they get to know you. If they’re going to trust you with the sale of their home, knowing a little about you will go a long way. Be genuine and let your personality shine through.

19. Keep a finger on the pulse

When new social media platforms spring up, get your hands dirty and experiment. Pay attention to what is trending and ensure you’re at least familiar and present on new channels when they begin to grow.

20. Livestream your opens

Build engagement and expose your skills by livestreaming your open homes on social media. This will not only draw attention to your listings, it will also drive audience engagement and boost awareness of your listings.

21. Keep it professional

Ensure your social media presence is professional and friendly. Avoid topics like politics in your posts and be aware that what you do and say online can quickly escape your control and have severe unintended consequences.

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