2022 Technology Landscape: The Top 6 Things to Watch Out For

Many innovations in recent years have transformed how we work and now there are big digital changes that are here to stay. Here are the key trends in technology to pay attention to in 2022

1. Use the best software and integrate internally

How many workplaces rushed deployments of remote work applications to enable their operations to continue in the face of sudden restrictions on their employees? You may have found yourself using multiple different applications from a variety of vendors that operate in silos and do not share information.

In a move away from a single provider for all software, CIOs and other professionals in 2022 with an eye for efficiency will be looking to adopt the best application for each use-case and develop internal integrations to remove information silos. 

2. Implement cloud-based collaboration across all facets of the business

Cloud computing has been critical in the mass enabling of the ‘work-anywhere’ needs of the last two years by enabling cross-platform collaboration in real time.

Any areas of an organization that are still utilising local files should expect transformative change in 2022 as businesses seek to eliminate the complexities and risk associated with on-premise storage.

To leverage this transformation, expect to see collaboration at the forefront of development from existing cloud-based business applications, and a move away from email as a method of sharing and communication.

3. No-code coming to a workplace near you

The concept behind no code programming is that anyone with an idea can create a solution in software without writing a single line of code. Barriers to build automations in 2022 will be removed by no code solutions for employees, enabling everyone to remove inefficiencies in their processes.

Your team will be exploring what’s possible with no code automations this year and if there’s anything repetitive of low value that you find yourself doing, dive into a no code solution to eliminate it from your daily tasks and claw back some time to be more productive.

4. Experience seamless ubiquitous computing

The term ubiquitous computing refers to the way that technology and internet connected devices continue to mesh into our daily lives in less obtrusive ways. This represents the continual steady progress of integrating an ‘always connected’ lifestyle where the modern workplace becomes a more streamlined and collaborative environment thanks to advancements in what is being termed “ambient intelligence”.

Expect to see a less obvious hand off between traditional desktop computing, mobile devices, wearable technology and the Internet of Things such as your car, house or office.

5. Focus on automating workflows

The key focus in 2022 for professional workplace applications will be to deliver automations that make their users more efficient, effective and productive on their platform. 

This year expect businesses to look to digital solutions that can be configured to fit their proprietary workflows and processes instead of the traditional method of modifying a business to adopt a new software solution.

6. Investment will be in Collaboration and A.I.

Artificial intelligence is going to be a mainstay of software development in 2022 as connectivity continues to increase in the workplace. Investors are keen to get behind innovators who are seeking to deliver big efficiency gains through A.I., either analysing data or delivering concise data accurately to end users. 

Investors are also keen to leverage collaborative tools to overcome the complexities of the modern “work anywhere” business model that many companies have been forced to adopt. Digital solutions that facilitate collaboration effectively will experience rapid growth in 2022 as remote work erodes the benefits of in-person interactions. 


Digital trends in the workplace of 2022 will be an extension of existing innovations that are focused on better collaboration, automation and utilization of A.I. into a more seamless end user experience. 

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