13 Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples for 2022

Despite the news that Facebook lost $230 billion from its market cap as shares fell 26% due to a rare decline in profits, it remains the best platform for real estate marketing due to its market share and ad-targeting features. Here are 13 Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples for 2022 to inspire your digital marketing:

1. Show the hook

A property’s hook is a unique feature that will be used by buyers to compare it to other properties. It can be as simple as the price, or in this case, as wild as a James Bond style underground lair:

2. A Call To Action in your Facebook Ad

Encourage your audience to engage with you through a Call To Action (CTA). Your CTA might be as simple as subscribing to your newsletter, or as adventurous as encouraging them to attend a seminar you are hosting:

3. Lights, Camera, Action

Video continues to dominate on social media. Every property listing facebook ad should include a video to drive interest and grab attention.

4. Provide a service for free

In your quest to position yourself as a trusted expert, turn to Real Estate Facebook ad examples for ideas about what information you can share with your audience about their real estate journey:

5. A sense of urgency

Does your Facebook Ad convey a sense of urgency? Using phrases like “last opportunity” or “limited availability” will motivate buyers to take action in fear of missing out:

6. Livestream a tour

Are your buyers out of area, interstate or international? What better way to get to know you and the property than a livestreamed virtual tour:

7. Keep your audience informed

Current events and government policies can have a pivotal effect on the Real Estate market, use your Facebook Ad to share updates relevant to your audience:

8. Variety is good

To ensure your audience continues to follow you, don’t overwhelm them with relentless property listings. Mix up your posts with other topics:

9. Animate your Facebook Ad

Use a solution like Biteable to create animated listings that stand out from the crowd with a few clicks, no experience required:

10. Share a Virtual Tour

What better way to experience a property online than a Matterport virtual tour. Your listings will come alive:

11. Lifestyle front and centre

Is the property the most appealing feature, or is it the lifestyle it affords? Use your Facebook Ad to increase the listing’s appeal by helping buyers imagine the lifestyle they can have when they move in:

12. Use unique photos to stand out

Make your listings pop out from Facebook feeds with unique and unusual photography. While it’s important to include photos that portray the property to buyers, a unique hero shot is a perfect way to grab their attention:

13. Details up front

Your audience views hundreds of items on Facebook every day, how do you retain their interest? Make sure key details about your listing are up front, as well as your contact details:

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