13 Open House Marketing Strategies You Are Missing

You’ve won the listing, the vendor has decluttered and thoroughly prepared, the property is looking its best. Here’s 13 open house marketing strategies you are missing that will dramatically improve your lead velocity;

1. Get the word out about your open house

If you’ve read our article on 11 Social Media Tools Every Real Estate Agent Needs in 2022 then you’re already automating your digital communication across as many platforms as possible. Make sure regular online communication about your open house is central to your marketing strategy. 

2. Personally invite the neighbors

In the days leading up to the open house, take the opportunity when you’re visiting the vendors to also introduce yourself to their neighbors. Extend a friendly invitation to the open home and leave a brochure with them as a reminder. 

Including neighbors in an open house may not seem like attracting a likely buyer, however they will represent a significant way to expand awareness of the property. Perhaps they know someone who has expressed interest in the area previously. When they attend, they’ll have a trustworthy second opinion about the positive aspects of living in the neighborhood for other attendees.

3. Brush up on the latest data with a CMA

In the days leading up to the open house, run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Brushing up on other properties in the neighborhood will give you expert talking points when discussing the property with potential buyers, this positions you as trustworthy and knowledgeable. 

4. Give your open house events a name

Is this the first open house that you’re conducting for the property? As hype builds around the listing, don’t offer any private viewings. Instead, name your open as a “First Look” when communicating about the event. As well as presenting a sense of urgency to buyers, it lends an air of exclusivity to the event which drives hype.

5. Offer limited attendance

In times of restricted in-person contact, attendance limits are not unusual. Use this to your advantage to drive interest and a sense of urgency by applying a limit to the number of attendees allowed to the open home. 

This will encourage potential buyers to attend ahead of time. Use this expression of interest to send them a calendar invite for the open house to remind them and stay visible.

6. What’s the hook?

Every property has a hook, at least one aspect that makes it more desirable compared to everything else. Make sure you know what the hook is before your open home starts because it will give you a talking point for attendees that no other property will offer. 

Don’t let any attendee leave without mentioning the hook to them, “thanks for coming today, what did you think of the north facing aspect?” or “great to see you today, did you get a chance to see the large walk in robe in the master bedroom?”.

If they view other properties, the hook from your open house will be used as a comparison point by buyers. Determining the hook should always be included in your open house marketing strategies.

7. Theme the property

Potential buyers cannot resist imagining themselves living in the property and neighborhood. Leverage a theme to highlight the lifestyle they could experience if they move in. 

For example, if the property is coastal, beach towels and surfboards are suggestive of the nearby natural features. Inner city apartments could hang posters of musicals, plays and live music events to highlight the vivid nightlife afforded by city living. Properties with entertaining areas could be set up for a dinner party, appealing to people who like to host.

A property’s theme can be as subtle or obvious as you like, as long as it boosts the imagination of attendees.

8. Rise with the sun

Visit the property early in the morning to install your branded signage. When your signage is present it will attract more interest and it puts your brand on display for the neighborhood. The better you are at displaying your brand in the area, the more leads will arrive in your inbox.

9. Marketing strategies to stand out

Is the property in a high traffic area? Attach a physical attention grabbing item like a flag with your branding to draw people’s attention from the street. For particularly high value or interesting properties, consider inviting a coffee van to set up out front during the open.

This will drive interest and awareness about the property and importantly, boost traffic through the front door.

10. Invite an expert

Is there a Lender who you work with on a regular basis? Invite them to attend your open house and allow them to display their signage at the same time. 

Some attendees will have pre-arranged finance, which the lender can discuss and determine if there might be better options. Other attendees will not yet be exploring finance and the presence of a loan officer could help them understand their borrowing capacity. If the property is creating a ‘fear of missing out’ feeling for buyers, the presence of a Lender will encourage them to make offers faster when they see other buyers discussing finance options.

11. Database Database Database

First impressions count. Every person walking through the door is a potential future lead. Put your best foot forward by using a tablet to collect attendee data when they arrive. Using a digital solution will automate your database building process as well as tagging and filtering all your contacts.

12. Embrace a digital open house

Do your buyers often come from interstate or international? Do you want to increase your exposure? Livestreaming your open on Facebook is free and easy. It will expand the open house’s reach and give attendees a way to share their experience with others who help guide their purchasing decisions, such as parents or partners.

13. Thank attendees automatically

You must quickly and concisely thank your attendees after the open house via email or text. Use a solution that tracks interactions with your attendees and call anyone who opens your email in the following days.

This gives you a great opportunity to ask for feedback about the property, both the appropriateness for the buyer and the price point. If they express disinterest, lean on your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) research to suggest other properties in the area that better address their needs.

Open house marketing strategies summary

Employing these open house marketing strategies will deliver a memorable experience for both the seller and attendees. Following these tips will position yourself as the best option in the market to list and sell properties.

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