11 Social Media Tools Every Real Estate Agent Needs in 2022

How can you successfully generate leads and connect with potential vendors in today’s digital landscape? Social media remains the strongest contender, but it is a crowded environment for anyone. To stand out and be successful you need more than just a presence online. To get the most out of your digital presence, here are 10 social media tools every Real Estate Agent needs in 2022:

1. Hootsuite

You can’t sit around all day waiting to post on social media. Research shows that key engagement times during the day are likely when you’re busy yourself. Enter Hootsuite, an automation platform that will deliver your digital marketing whenever you want.

Importantly, Hootsuite also collates interactions across all social networks into a single feed, simplifying your communications. It also provides analytics to help guide your future marketing decisions.

2. Biteable

Content is king and nothing gets more engagement than video. Until now, editing video has required powerful computers and expert knowledge. This is where Biteable comes in, an online video editor that provides an easy to use interface to polish your videos for social media.

With thousands of templates and cloud based storage and rendering, anyone can create high quality videos, no experience required.

3. Feedly

Have you worked hard to build a database of contacts who want to hear from you? You must ensure your communication is more than just about yourself. Set up a feed on Feedly to grab insights about property and real estate from everywhere, including news sites, blogs, social media and newsletters.

Having a constant reliable source of information about topics your contacts engage with will provide an endless source of topics to include in your communications. This will position you as an expert who is in touch with current trends and changes in property.

4. Mailchimp

Are you staying in regular contact with your database? You’ve built it over the years and have lots of content that you can share with them. Create a newsletter in Mailchimp and set yourself a regular schedule. 

When your email newsletter content remains relevant and interesting to your contacts, they’ll stay engaged with your personal brand. This will keep you top of mind when they’re considering selling.

5. ManageFlitter

Is Twitter a hive of activity for you? If you’re using the Twitter interface to manage your accounts and tweets, ManageFlitter is for you.

Tools such as Account Cleanup, scheduled Tweets and powerful analytics will help transform your presence on Twitter into a powerhouse. At the same time, you’ll find their platform a big time saving, allowing you to get on with listing properties.

6. FiveGrid

You know it’s important, but does online advertising seem daunting to you? You should consider FiveGrid to manage it for you.

FiveGrid will eliminate all repetitive digital marketing tasks. Your advertising will appear on Google, Facebook, Messenger, YouTube and the Yahoo network for a small monthly fee. While the process is automated from your end, they also have additional strategy services available to supercharge your advertising.

7. PageModo

Does your Facebook page look a bit daggy? PageModo will give your page a makeover to polish your image. In addition to appearances, you’ll also have access to content curation and customization options for Facebook. They even provide the ability to run contests on Facebook which you can utilize during the festive season.

8. Bitly

Do your posts contain excessively long and confusing web links? Important for anyone conscious of character limits, Bitly shortens your URLs into a nice, short and tidy link which will boost engagement and encourage more clicks.

9. Commun.it

So you’re actively posting content on a regular basis. How are you keeping an eye on engagement with your audience? Commun.it will help you by highlighting when your content is shared, retweeted or favorited. You can even see who influences your posting and activity.

Arming yourself with this knowledge will help you build deeper and more meaningful connections with your audience.

10. Really Good Emails

Do your emails excite recipients, or do they fall flat? Really Good Emails curates the latest and greatest trends in email marketing. Learn from the world’s best at how to craft messages that drive engagement and keep your database away from the unsubscribe button.

11. Crowdfire

You know there is an annual holiday coming up but you don’t want to spend hours searching for the perfect images. Use Crowdfire to search any topic of interest, such as Mother’s Day or New Years Eve, to curate eye catching content which can automatically be shared on all major social media platforms automatically.

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